Hear what some of our students have to say.

Ryan Good

CLD, Advanced Mobile Propulsion Test

Sam did a great job of presenting an advanced framework and making it approachable to all levels. His ideas are easy to implement and will improve anybodies workflow and project quality. I am already using the skills I picked up from attending.

Bill Welch


Sam breaks complex topics like Test Driven Development down and makes them easier to understand. By learning how to plan my tests and write my tests in advance, I've cut the time involved in writing and testing code nearly in half.

Kevin Shirey

CLA Neptune

I watched a lot of videos. I've tried a lot of things and it just didn't click. I just didn't really get it. Sam's class really opened my eyes. He is great at taking theory and making it practical.

Nate Frey

Program Manager and Applications Engineer, BDI

Before the Sam's workshop, we had just a mess of spaghetti code. I've used the tools I learned to make our code more loosely coupled and easily testable so it is stable over the long term.


Samuel Taggart

I am passionate about helping LabVIEW developers grow so they can confidently take on bigger and better challenges. I have been doing LabVIEW for over a dozen years. Over that time I have learned a ton. I learned a lot of it the hard way. I wish I would have had some more guidance along the way. That is why I created these courses to point junior developers in the right direction and help them to avoid stubbing their toes so much.